Meet our superheroes!


Ultimate Spider Hero


Who says spiders must be scary?! Spider hero defies the odds to prove that you can’t simply judge a book by its cover! Spider hero teaches us that “with great power, must come great responsibility” so responsible and willing, we will be!



it’s a bird, it’s a plane! No... it’s a SUPER hero! This guy is the go to when it comes to power. He’s the wearer of all capes and all things can be accomplished with that kind of power on your side! Super hero man will come and teach all of his crime fighting tricks and tell us tails of his herring adventures

Lego Batman


There are big things going on in Gotham City these days and Lego Batman needs all the help he can get in stopping the Joker from completely taking over! Lego Batman shows us that no matter how strong you might be on your own, you're  always stronger with teamwork and your super cool friends on your side!

Notorious B-A-T


Don’t let the mask and dark exterior fool you, our bat hero will be the first to tell you he protects his city and the people who live in it! Bat hero will arrive ready to teach his signature super hero moves along with stories of courage, adventure, and bravery! Get your little hero ready, this hero is larger than life!

Captain America


USA! USA! Captain America keeps us all safe and sound with his heroic efforts and teaches us to always look out for others and to respect our fellow neighbor!


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