Meet our Princesses!





Cinderella is a classic story that we can all get behind. She is all things kind and graceful with a touch of whimsical charm and love. Cinderella is the perfect example of humility and to never giving up on having the life you’ve always dreamed of having!


Snow White

Snow White

Our Snow White is sweet as apples and angelic as an angel as she tells her story of dreams and hard work. Our Snow Beauty will make sure all her little dreamers have the best day while reminding us that there is good in every situation!

Ice Princess

Anna Ice Princess

The right-hand wing woman and sister to the Ice Queen, Ice Princess helps save the day and can bring out the singing voices of just about anyone! She can stand tall on her own or make the perfect sister duo with Ice Queen at any event!

Sleeping Beauty

IMG_0406 (1).jpg

She’s awake, she’s awake! And She’s ready to help make your dreams come true. Our beauty princess inspires and reminds our young princesses to always dream, and to always dream big! Our beauty princess will arrive ready to learn all about the dreams of her guests and ready to celebrate any event, big or small!

Mermaid Princess

Little Mermaid Princess Elite Events party Austin Texas

Queen of the Sea, our mermaid princess has many tales to tell from under the sea as well as her odysseys on land! With beautiful long hair and a sweet personality to match, Mermaid Princess would love to spend time with you during your next party!

Ice Queen


This ice princess will be sure to bring all the chills as she skates into celebrating the perfect day! From singing and dancing to meet and greets, the Ice Princess will be sure that you “let it go” and have a great time!

Belle of the Ball

Belle of the Ball

Let us “be your guest, be your guest!” Our beauty will arrive ready to tell her tales of the beast, her journey, and how the truest forms of beauty start on the inside before they start on the outside! We can’t wait for our princess to remind everyone of how truly beautiful they are!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Girl Power! Our Wonder Women crushes barriers and will inspire all young super stars around her that girls can do anything they set their minds to and that they can be PROUD of themselves while doing it!


Rapunzel princess party crowns capes austin texas

Rapunzel finds the light and discovers her real beauty with flowers in her hair and friends everywhere! Rapunzel loves exploring, being outside, and learning new things! Let your hair down for your next event with Rapunzel!